Schedule Adjust Cost report on navision 2013 and higher versions

Job queues enables users to schedule and run specific reports and codeunits. You can set jobs to run one time, or recurring basis

Previous versions we have to install  NAS to process job Queue  , 2013 and higher versions default service will start process this job queue entries .

  • Create New Job Queue Category ADJUSTCOST

Job Queue Category

  • Create New Job Queue ADJUSTCOST
  •  Select Job Queue Category to ADJUSTCOST
  • Start Job Queue

Make sure the running User ID has enough permission to run the report

Job Queues

  • Create New Job Queue Entry
  • Object Type  Report
  • Report ID 795  Adjust Cost – Item Entries
  • Select Job Category ADJUSTCOST
  • Recurrence Tab Select days and Starting Time
  • Set Status to Ready
  • testing you may change the Earliest Start Date /Time

Job Queue Entry

  • Job Queue Log Details
  • You may check the error  and job status  details on job queue log entries
  • Select Job –> log entries



Creating Matrix Reports in Nav 2013 R2

In this article we are going to see how to create a Matrix Report ,

Matrix reports display grouped data and summary information. You can group data by multiple fields or expressions in row and column groups.A matrix  report grows horizontally and vertically on the page

lets see how to create one  inventory  matrix report based on location  and item

Create one new report with data Item ledger entry


Open Visual Studio Report designer add matrix control


Select Row group field on Rows and Column Group fields in Column

Now I am selecting Item No as Row Group,  Column group as Location code  and Data as Quantity


Report Output


next insert Item description row after the item Number ,  Right Click Item No text box and select inside the group right and insert description field in the new text box


Insert Row  Total in the report, Right Click Item No text box and select Add Total After


Insert  Column Total  in the report,,  Right Click Location text box and select Add Total After


Final output grouped by item no and and location


you can download sample report from here