Nav 2016 Preview Report without Request Page

ReportREPORT.EXECUTE Runs a report in preview or processing only mode without running the request page. The function gets the request page parameter values as an input parameter string. This is the new reporting function added on 2015 version

Requirement : preview Sales invoice report without the request page

  •  Create New codeunit to generate the XML request string


  • Run Codeunit and apply the filter on request page  > OK >Copy the message to text


XML string


  • Copy Message to text and replace parameter with %1


  • Create New Action on posted sales invoice page


  • Posted sales invoice page


Dynamics Nav 2016 Enable NavUserPassword authentication in simple steps

This post describes the simple steps to enable the NavUserPassword authentication


Run Script as administrator

Create New Certificate

  • Run mmc.exe to open management console
  • File -> Add/Remove Snap-in


  • Select Certificate -> Add -> Select Computer account finish

Select Certificate

  • New Certificate created on Personal Certificate folder with 10 year validity


  • Copy Certificate to Trusted Root Certification Authorities


  • Create New service with login account windows user

Create New Nav Service

  • Copy certificate thumbprint   from the certificate

Right click certificate open Details tab select Thumbprint Copy certificate Thumbprint


Update the certificate thumbprint and credential type NavUserPassword -> Restart the service


  • Create New NavUserPassword user in Navsion NavPasswordUser


  • Update  Client Configuration file New Service  details and authentication Details


  • Nav Client Open with NavUserPassword login Screen


  • Client opened with navuser password

Nav Client



Navision Schedule Report warning There is no running job queue for scheduled reports.

Scheduled reports are entered in the job queue and processed at the scheduled time, similar to other jobs. If we choose to save the report to a file, then the processed report will sent to the Report Inbox,

While Scheduling the report, the scheduler page hitting warning message There is no running job queue for scheduled reports. 



This is the standard error , you have to create new job queue with  Job queue Category filter blank . Start Job queue and try again2

Schedule Adjust Cost report on navision 2013 and higher versions

Job queues enables users to schedule and run specific reports and codeunits. You can set jobs to run one time, or recurring basis

Previous versions we have to install  NAS to process job Queue  , 2013 and higher versions default service will start process this job queue entries .

  • Create New Job Queue Category ADJUSTCOST

Job Queue Category

  • Create New Job Queue ADJUSTCOST
  •  Select Job Queue Category to ADJUSTCOST
  • Start Job Queue

Make sure the running User ID has enough permission to run the report

Job Queues

  • Create New Job Queue Entry
  • Object Type  Report
  • Report ID 795  Adjust Cost – Item Entries
  • Select Job Category ADJUSTCOST
  • Recurrence Tab Select days and Starting Time
  • Set Status to Ready
  • testing you may change the Earliest Start Date /Time

Job Queue Entry

  • Job Queue Log Details
  • You may check the error  and job status  details on job queue log entries
  • Select Job –> log entries


Implementing Nav 2016 Workflow Events and Response for Sales Invoice auto send email

In this post we will create a new Workflow Event . The event  tied to the Dynamics NAV  Sales post functionality, While posting the sales invoice based on the workflow conditions program will auto send email and update the pdf report  on report inbox

You may download the object and workflow file from Dropbox Link 

1 – Create a workflow event
The scenario is to define an event based on the on after post trigger of the sales post and expose that event as a workflow event.

2 – Create a workflow response
The scenario  is to define a Send email and update the report to report  inbox  .

3 – Enable the workflow & response in the NAV system
This is to show managing workflow events & responses from a Dynamics NAV system to build a workflow.


1 – Create a workflow event

  1. Create a new codeunit
  2. Create a helper function OnPostCode .  This function will return a code which is used by the workflow engine.
  3. Give the function return value of Code, length 128.
  4. Create New function AddEventToLibrary subscribe the function from Workfkow event handling codeunit Check the screenshot
  5. Create New function  OnPOstSalesDoc Subscribe to sales post codeunit


2 – Create a workflow response


  1. Create a helper function RunSendEmailResponseCode .  This function will return a code which is used by the workflow engine.
  2. Give the function return value of Code, length 128.
  3. Create New function AddResponseToLibrary subscribe the function from Workfkow Response  handling codeunit Check the screenshot
  4. Create New function   ExicuteResponse subscribe the function from Workfkow Response  handling codeunit Check the screenshot



Created New function to send the email

Email function


3 – Enable the workflow & response in the NAV system

Crate New workflow Category with code MYWF and description My Workflow


New workflow created with condition  amount>1000

New workflow




Report inbox updated after post sales invoice


Auto email from nav