Implementing Nav 2016 Workflow Events and Response for Sales Invoice auto send email

In this post we will create a new Workflow Event . The event  tied to the Dynamics NAV  Sales post functionality, While posting the sales invoice based on the workflow conditions program will auto send email and update the pdf report  on report inbox You may download the object and workflow file from Dropbox Link ... Continue Reading →

While exporting budget from nav 5.1 version system hit following error message The call to member Add failed. Microsoft Office Excel returned the following message: That name is not valid.   Error hitting on  report 82 Export Budget to Excel Line ExcelBuf.CreateRange(ColumnDimCode[i]) Line This is the standard Nav 5.1  report  bug and Microsoft has already... Continue Reading →

Creating Matrix Reports in Nav 2013 R2

In this article we are going to see how to create a Matrix Report , Matrix reports display grouped data and summary information. You can group data by multiple fields or expressions in row and column groups.A matrix  report grows horizontally and vertically on the page lets see how to create one  inventory  matrix report based... Continue Reading →

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