This post describes the simple steps to enable the NavUserPassword authentication


Run Script as administrator

Create New Certificate

  • Run mmc.exe to open management console
  • File -> Add/Remove Snap-in


  • Select Certificate -> Add -> Select Computer account finish

Select Certificate

  • New Certificate created on Personal Certificate folder with 10 year validity


  • Copy Certificate to Trusted Root Certification Authorities


  • Create New service with login account windows user

Create New Nav Service

  • Copy certificate thumbprint   from the certificate

Right click certificate open Details tab select Thumbprint Copy certificate Thumbprint


Update the certificate thumbprint and credential type NavUserPassword -> Restart the service


  • Create New NavUserPassword user in Navsion NavPasswordUser


  • Update  Client Configuration file New Service  details and authentication Details


  • Nav Client Open with NavUserPassword login Screen


  • Client opened with navuser password

Nav Client



5 thoughts on “Dynamics Nav 2016 Enable NavUserPassword authentication in simple steps

        1. No need to run the New-SelfSignedCertificateEx.ps1 script , just extract zip file to d drive D:\NavConsultant\New-SelfSignedCertificateEx\ folder and run the run script file


  1. Thanks for this great tutorial. I tested this on my local machine with a local server (NAV2017). To log in successfully I needed to add the certificate CN (e.g. ‘MyNAV’) to my local “hosts” file to point to ‘’. thumbs up 🙂


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