How Create Excel Pivot table report from Navision?

microsoft-excel-logoA pivot table is a data processing tool used to query, organize and summarize data or information between spreadsheets, tables or databases. Dragging and dropping fields into a pivot table facilitates rotational, or pivotal, structural changes.

Using excel automation we can create the excel  Pivot table report from  Navision

This is one example to analyze the customer ledger entries records in table 21

Create one blank report with dataitem  Cust. Ledger Entry   and update the reports Processonly status to true

Add below variable’s in report  (click the image to view the enlarge image)

pivot table

Cust. Ledger Entry - OnPreDataItem()
Sheet.Name := 'CUST_LEDGER';
Sheet.Range('A1').Value:= "Cust. Ledger Entry".TABLECAPTION;
Sheet.Range('C1').Value:= 'USER ID ';
Sheet.Range('C2').Value:= 'DATE ';
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[1]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry".FIELDCAPTION("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Entry No.");
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[2]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry".FIELDCAPTION("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Posting Date");
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[3]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry".FIELDCAPTION("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Customer No.");
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[5]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry".FIELDCAPTION("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Document No.");
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[6]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry".FIELDCAPTION("Cust. Ledger Entry".Description);
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[7]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry".FIELDCAPTION("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Global Dimension 1 Code");
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[8]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry".FIELDCAPTION("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Global Dimension 2 Code");
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[9]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry".FIELDCAPTION("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Amount (LCY)");

UpdateExcelrange is a  function to update the Excelrange array variable

in excel YEAR column will update with month + year such as if  1st January 2013 then year value will be Jan 2013

Cust. Ledger Entry - OnAfterGetRecord()
IF Cust.GET("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Customer No.") THEN ;
K:=ROUND(((I-5)/"Cust. Ledger Entry".COUNT) * 10000,1);
Window.UPDATE(1, K);
"Cust. Ledger Entry".CALCFIELDS("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Amount (LCY)");
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[1]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry"."Entry No.";
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[2]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry"."Posting Date";
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[3]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry"."Customer No.";
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[5]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry"."Document No.";
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[6]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry".Description;
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[7]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry"."Global Dimension 1 Code";
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[8]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry"."Global Dimension 2 Code";
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[9]).Value:="Cust. Ledger Entry"."Amount (LCY)";
Sheet.Range(ExcelRange[10]).Value:=FORMAT("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Posting Date",0,'')+' '+
FORMAT("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Posting Date",0,'');

the Pivot table is creating on the on post data item trigger

Updated one option  field in request form , user can select customer or dimension, based on the choice the pivot table row values will change

Cust. Ledger Entry - OnPostDataItem()
Sheet :=Excel.ActiveSheet();
xlPivotTable := Sheet.PivotTables('PivotTable1');
Sheet.Name := 'Cust_Ledger_Pivot';
xlPivotField := xlPivotTable.PivotFields('YEAR');
xlPivotField.Orientation := 1;
xlPivotField.Position := 1;
IF "Pivot Base"="Pivot Base"::Customer THEN
xlPivotField := xlPivotTable.PivotFields(Cust.FIELDCAPTION(Cust.Name))
ELSE IF "Pivot Base"="Pivot Base"::Dimension THEN
xlPivotField := xlPivotTable.PivotFields("Cust. Ledger Entry".FIELDCAPTION("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Global Dimension 1 Code"));
xlPivotField.Orientation := 1;
xlPivotField.Position := 2;
xlPivotField := xlPivotTable.PivotFields("Cust. Ledger Entry".FIELDCAPTION("Cust. Ledger Entry"."Amount (LCY)"));
xlPivotTable.AddDataField( xlPivotField);
xlPivotField := xlPivotTable.DataPivotField;
xlPivotField := xlPivotTable.PivotFields('YEAR');
xlPivotField.Orientation := 2;
xlPivotField.Position := 1;

pivot  table output


code for update excel range function


you can download the object and sample output from here


For any other update use macro functionality from excel


  1. start  record the macro
  2. update the required changes in excel file
  3. Stop macro
  4. Edit macro then you will get  the visual basic code check the imageCapture
  5. Convert VB code to Cal code  update navision

Author: Akhilesh E Kartha

Experienced BC Developer with 10 years history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Microsoft Dynamics NAV & D365 Business Central, Strong experience in C/AL, Extension Development, Requirements Analysis, Effort Estimation, Integrations, Version Upgrade,

6 thoughts on “How Create Excel Pivot table report from Navision?”

  1. This looks complicated. Im sure its very effective, but at what quantity of sheets to be processed like this is it worth using code instead of creating the tables manually? Im getting into using pivot tables right now, and so far the guide i have found ( ) tells me, that its fairly fast and easy to do. So i wonder whether or not i should use your code, if i only have a few sheets to be processed every week.


  2. Thanks for your post. It’s very helpful. Can you please also guide how to create pivot chart from the pivot cache? Thank you.


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